Hammurabi was the ruler of ancient Babylon (795 to 750 BC). One of his most significant accomplishments was to have the oral laws and traditions written down and put on public display.

All written laws and professional codes trace their roots back to Hammurabi's Code.

Why Hammurabi?

Hammurabi's Code was the first instance of written standards. Every operation must be guided by policy, standards and operating practices.

Well documented standards and regular audits ensure the safety of those in the system and allow the most efficient use of resources.

Fewer accidents and efficient operations are achieved by design.

Operations & Casualties

Small touring vessel preparing to dock

Hammurabi develops operational guidance to meet and exceed regulatory and class requirements. Safe and efficient operations are achieved by design. Standards and procedures must be clear and coherent while allowing for independent actions by competent personnel.

Hammurabi can identify causes of port state control detentions and develop strategies and processes to improve detention rates.

Operations services offered:

  • Operational risk assessment
  • Total ship assessment including condition and operations
  • Total port assessment including condition and operations
  • Safety Management Systems and procedures
  • ISPS Assessments, Plans, Audits, and Training
  • Ice Operations including operational analysis to support Polar Class choice for new builds or refurbishment of older ships
  • Development of scenarios and methodology for simulation of waterways or operations
  • Development and delivery of operational training fit to client needs
  • Development of safety incentives suited to particular operations
  • Emergency response planning and support for ports and fleets
  • SAR prevention practices, processes and procedures
  • Development of business continuity and resumption plans

Casualty Investigations:

Wave crashing into a small boat
  • Post incident support can ensure that the company understands the true causes and contributing factors of incidents
  • Develop specific recommendations that may be aimed at the shipboard level, be operations specific or be fleet-wide
  • Review and guidance in preparation of post-incident reports to ensure their utility in preventing litigation or to properly support litigation should it be necessary
Cruise ship with a heavily damage nose

Litigation Support:

  • Document review for accident related claims
  • Assistance with pre-discovery strategy
  • Review of discovery transcripts
  • Assessment of defence lines of inquiry
  • Expert witness